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Niko S.Echo

Original base Athens/Greece. Piano addiction ,regular musical educations ,sound engineering studies. All package is full here ,from early years till now days. Mid 90s started to develop his new electronic ear, something unfamiliar until that day. The "damage” has been made. From that moment he became a split persona, one that fits to his daily business administration studies and the other well...You can imagine. Regular customer at city nights living, lots of activities playing ,contributing, sharing blah blah ...Next hit as an unusual mind, took his knowledge steps further and the result were Under The Tree Productions. Some audio pinches came, started to take form and released 12inch and cd. His studio is so well arranged and equipped with all those fine tools for future experimentations, collaborations etc...Been a perfectionist he claims that the audio clips should be always highly worked and the bar is constantly rising. No particular form for this guy, he blends them all as long its good tasted and above all top notch quality .Already gained massive support from many artists close to the progressive trance era, but still he's not afraid to put himself to the test with new styles. His style has a pumping structure , combined with superb sounds and effects that will make everyone to dance in any place, anytime that will listen them!!!His moto "the fresher the better". Already hit the booths buttons with many well know artists, mixing as well those fine audio gems that he is responsible. So to sum up test, vote, remix, listen, share all your thoughts with Niko S, one thing for sure...only good result will pop up from this... ... ..."

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hifi . high end . heimkino . videotechnik . veranstaltungstechnik . medientechnik . car hifi

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